Saturday June 18, 2016

Make Windows 10 Crapware-Free With Microsoft’s Refresh Windows Tool

If you’ve been waiting for an easier way to do a clean install, here it is. W10 users will be getting an option that works like the "Reset this PC" recover optionآ—except it gives you a totally stock OS.

News Image

Now, even normal Windows users should be able to clean installآ—really clean installآ—Windows 10. And do without worrying about crapware. In other words, if this tool works as advertisedآ—and I’ll be testing it to this end over the weekendآ—anyone should be able to buy a new computer from any source, take it home, turn it on, and then blow away the crapware-laden PC maker install and get a clean image of Windows 10 on there. And then they can get on with their lives.