Saturday June 18, 2016

Hackers Find 138 Security Gaps In Pentagon Websites

This is allegedly the first time the government approached outsiders to find network vulnerabilities, and apparently it turned out pretty wellآ—for some of the hackers, anyway.

آ…white-hat hackers were turned loose on five public Pentagon internet pages and were offered various bounties if they could find unique vulnerabilities. The Pentagon says 1,410 hackers participated in the challenge and the first gap was identified just 13 minutes after the hunt began. Overall, they found 1,189 vulnerabilities, but a review by the Pentagon determined that only 138 were valid and unique. The experiment cost $150,000. Of that, about half was paid out to the hackers as bounties, including one who received the maximum prize of $15,000 for submitting a number of security gaps. Others received varying amounts, to as low as $100.