Friday June 17, 2016

E3 Live Completely Disappoints Fans

It looks as though the Entertainment Software Association's E3 Live show was a let down. It's odd that they didn't have more for people to do, things to see and so on. It's a shame, that would have been a great opportunity for companies to engage fans.

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The fact that it was a free event, however, does not excuse just how poor this show really was. Fans were promised by ESA head Mike Gallagher in the show's initial announcement "the chance to test-drive exciting new games, interact with some of their favorite developers, and be among the first in the world to enjoy groundbreaking game experiences." I spent maybe an hour there, and when I first arrived, I genuinely questioned whether I was in the right place. But to my disbelief, the small area (maybe the size of two tennis courts) was just filled with a few tents, barely any games, and a bunch of merchandise (t-shirts and the like) being marketed to attendees. The fans I spoke with felt like they had been duped. At least they didn't pay for their tickets.