Thursday June 16, 2016

NVIDIA Releases Seventh Annual Corporate Sustainability Report

NVIDIA recognizes its responsibility to protect the planet. We design products that are powerful yet energy efficient. We work with our suppliers to evaluate their energy use in making our products. And we’re committing to reducing greenhouse gases by 15 percent per employee by 2020. Researchers and developers worldwide are working to improve lives through technology, and NVIDIA is passionate about creating innovative products to help them succeed. Our inherently energy-efficient products are particularly valued by consumers and businesses that care about climate change and resource conservation. A large percentage of our stakeholders understands that social and environmental responsibility is imperative for business to thrive in an increasingly complex world. They appreciate and often support our ongoing efforts to integrate both resource efficiency and respect for global human rights into our operations.

Individuals throughout the company guide our approach to corporate sustainability and responsibility by identifying priority issues and integrating feedback from key external stakeholders. They have established three primary objectives for the company, which help guide us to become more sustainable: آ› Operational efficiency and excellence آ› Employee recruitment and retention آ› Risk and reputation management Within these areas, we focus on initiatives such as increasing employee diversity, improving the employee experience, minimizing risk in our supply chain, and responding to increasing calls from investors to improve our performance and transparency around key issues related to corporate responsibility.