Thursday June 16, 2016

Ad Watchdog Says Verizon Should Revise Its "#1 In Internet Speed" Claims

Most people are smart enough to know that every single claim a broadband company makes is followed by a disclaimer in itty-bitty letters at the bottom of the screen that no one can read without a microscope. But, be that as it may, the National Advertising Division of the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council believes that it is best to have your claims of being "#1" in anything be based at least somewhat in fact.

The internet speed boast comes from PC Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Survey, and Verizon’s #1 speed ranking in that survey is not based on any independent measurements of FiOS connection speeds, nor is it based on a comparison of FiOS speeds to those of other providers. Instead, it’s a reflection of FiOS customers’ satisfaction about their internet speeds. While that’s something to be proud of, the NARB says it may be misleading the way the result is presented in the ad campaign.