Monday June 13, 2016

NVIDIA, NYU Join Forces to Use Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving

We’re teaming up with New York University and its pioneering deep learning team to start a research collaboration at our new auto tech office in New Jersey. NYU’s researchers will work with NVIDIA scientists and engineers to create groundbreaking autonomous driving technology. The collaboration between NVIDIA, a leader in deep learning infrastructure and tools, and NYU’s world-class deep-learning faculty will accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.

The team will extend the current NVIDIA learning system to encompass all aspects of autonomous driving. A key aspect of the approach is eliminating the need for hand-programmed rules and procedures آ— such as finding lane markings, guardrails or other cars. This avoids the creation of a near infinite number of "if, then, else" statements, which is impractical to code when trying to account for the randomness that occurs on the road.