Monday June 13, 2016

AMD Provides Sneak Peek of Full Line of Radeon RX Series At E3

Today at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) AMD CEO Lisa Su delivered a pre-launch showcase of the full line of forthcoming Radeonآ™ RX Series graphics cards set to transform PC gaming this summer by delivering enthusiast class performance and features for gamers at mainstream price points from $100-$300. AMD previously showcased the Radeonآ™ RX 480 graphics card, designed for incredibly smooth AAA gaming at 1440p resolution and set to be the most affordable solution for premium VR experiences starting at just $199 SEP for the 4GB version. Joining the Radeon RX family are the newly announced Radeonآ™ RX 470 graphics card delivering refined, power-efficient HD gaming, and the Radeonآ™ RX 460, a cool and efficient solution for the ultimate e-sports gaming experience. The Radeonآ™ RX Series of graphics processors are designed to transform the PC gaming industry across a variety of form factors, delivering on three fundamental "entitlements" for gamers and game developers:

  • Extraordinary VR experiences at price points never offered before آ– Previewed at Computex, the Radeonآ™ RX Series will expand the VR ecosystem by democratizing exceptional VR experiences, making them available to many form factors and millions of consumers by lowering the cost barriers to entry.

  • Great game content delivered to PC Gamers in real time آ– Through a combination of Radeonآ™ RX Series performance profiles and close-to-the-metal APIs that closely mirror console APIs, AMD believes that developers will be further empowered to co-develop high quality, high performing game content for both consoles and PCs, enhancing the PC gaming ecosystem.

  • Console-class GPU performance for thin and light notebooks آ– Gaming notebooks have traditionally been large and cumbersome or under-powered for today’s gaming needs. The Radeonآ™ RX Series addresses this with flagship technology that effectively gives mobile users GPU performance that rivals that of consoles with exceptionally low power and low-z height to drive thin, light and high-performance gaming notebooks, and 1080p 60Hz gaming experiences for both eSports and AAA titles.