Sunday June 12, 2016

Quake Reboot From Id Software Could Be Teased At E3

Do you miss Quake? Well, there are signs that it’s following in the steps of Doom and making a comeback, and a reveal may drop even sooner than expected. What do you want to see in a new Quake game?

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After the huge success of Doom's modern reboot, a fully-fledged Quake reboot might be happening from id Software. Nerdleaks reports that the studio is laying preparations for a big tease at Bethesda's E3 2016 showcase tonight. I can see it now, smashing gloriously macabre machine-hell monstrosities with a huge arsenal of chaotic weapons in glorious ultra-fast 1080p 60FPS. This isn't the first time the Quake reboot has been on our radar. id Software had 12 major job openings at its studios, obviously hinting something big was going down.