Sunday June 12, 2016

AMD's "The Uprising" Ad Campaign Will Incite A Radeon Rebellion

How is AMD bringing back the Radeon brand in their new campaign? By targeting community, not competition. The bigwigs are trying to change the culture with their marketing and creating some sort of movement.

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Koduriآ…continues a theme of transparency that AMD began at Computex and seemingly plans to continue. "Frankly, AMD had fallen behind significantly," Koduri says. "If you look at our market share before RTG was formed, it was falling to single digits in the desktop channel, which is very important from a gaming standpoint. So that was a huge, tall mountain ahead of us." As we all know, one of AMD’s first steps toward changing public perception of the Radeon brand was improving the quality and frequency of their drivers. That directive, so far, has been nothing short of a resounding success, and the company has witnessed a 3.2 point gain in market share during a time period that saw no new Radeon products introduced.