Saturday June 11, 2016

India Rejects Google's Street View Plans

So this might be disrespectfulآ—a stretch, evenآ—but I don’t think security is the only reason why India doesn’t want their streets captured. As the efforts of UNICEF would suggest, open defecation is a frequent problem in the country. They actually made a video about it.

Google Street View collects high definition images to give its users 360 degree views of streets, tourist spots, hills and rivers. Google's data collection has caused concern in numerous countries. The Press Trust of India agency reported that India's interior ministry had informed Google that its plans to cover India through the service had been rejected. Security agencies had expressed concerns about allowing such image-capturing services, on the basis that planning for the 2008 Mumbai attacks is believed to have involved photographic reconnaissance of targets by key "planner" David Headley, a US man.