Saturday June 11, 2016

Hypersound Glass Speakers: Directional Sound Using Transparent Glass

The fact that these speakers are basically panes of glass is interesting in itself, but they also focus sound so those who are off axis won’t be bothered by whatever you’re listening to. People seem to be skeptical of how it does the latter, but here’s a vid so you can decide.

The exact means the Glass uses to generate a tight beam of sound isn’t specifically disclosed, but according to the company, the glass is layered with transparent films. Like other highly directional speakers, what’s being generated isn’t audible sound waves but rather ultrasonic waves. Based on other products of this nature, it’s safe to guess that as those ultrasound waves pass through the glass/film sandwich they’re modulated in such a way that they become audible again while traveling in a straight line, though the details on specific improvements will likely remain trade secrets. Acoustics is, to put it mildly, a bizarre science.