Friday June 10, 2016

Yelp Must Take Down Defamatory Reviews

I'm not saying this ruling is right or wrong, I'm just saying it should have been obvious that leaving defamatory reviews about a law firm isn't the smartest thing a person can do. The lady would have been better off complaining to the State Bar Association instead of jumping on Yelp.

In January 2014, the court awarded Hassell nearly $558,000 and injunctive relief, including an order that Yelp remove Bird's defamatory reviews from its website. Yet after Hassell hand-delivered a copy of the final judgment to Yelp's attorney, the company's senior director of litigation, Aaron Schur, objected as a nonparty. Yelp ultimately moved to vacate the judgment, alleging it had standing to bring the motion as an "aggrieved party," even though it was a nonparty in the lawsuit.