Thursday June 09, 2016

Taking Back Control Of DOOM's Broken PC Multiplayer

Eurogamer sat down with Marty Stratton, Doom's executive producer and game director, and talked about incoming multiplayer enhancements for DOOM. Aside from addressing missing features and complaints, the crew at id Software say the issue of rampant cheating is being tackled as well.

Worse, on PC there's rampant cheating. Assists are easily available online ("You won't get banned using our Doom cheats; we haven't had one ban on any game in over a year; our coders are that good!" boasts the website for one of them), and I've found myself at their mercy over and over. Without the ability to browse private matches, or for players to run them on private servers, you have no chance of avoiding cheating players, other than to leave games and return to matchmaking. PC players argue that without private servers and admins with ban tools, Doom also doesn't profit from the community helping to police the game.