Monday June 06, 2016

Tt ToughPower DPS G 850W PSU Review

Neoseeker has published a review of the Tt ToughPower DPS G 850W power supply this afternoon. For those of you following along at home, the 850W DPS G falls between the 1050W and the 650W versions we tested here a few months back.

The DPS G 850W power supply was originally introduced back in October, 2015. Then in January 2016, Thermaltake introduced the DPS G App 2.0 software for digitally monitoring key factors of your power supply and motherboard (CPU and VGA voltages, current, wattage, etc.), calculating electrical cost, dynamic monitoring, recording/saving usage pattern and even sharing this information on the cloud and/or with friends. All of this information can allow you to keep your computer system functioning at its peak potential while taking note of any potential problems as they develop.