Monday June 06, 2016

Netflix: Toward A Practical Perceptual Video Quality Metric

Netflix says it has developed an open-source tool that measures videos based on the best "perceptual quality" given the constraints of the bandwidth available and device used for viewing. In the end, Netflix feels this method gives you more for less and offers the best quality video streams to its subscribers.

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Improving video compression standards and making smart decisions in practical encoding systems is very important in today’s Internet landscape. We believe that using the traditional metrics - metrics that do not always correlate with human perception - can hinder real advancements in video coding technology. However, always relying on manual visual testing is simply infeasible. VMAF is our attempt to address this problem, using samples from our content to help design and validate the algorithms. Similar to how the industry works together in developing new video standards, we invite the community to openly collaborate on improving video quality measures, with the ultimate goal of more efficient bandwidth usage and visually pleasing video for all.