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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday June 06, 2016

Man Sued For $30K Over $40 Craigslist Printer

All I can say about this crazy case is that justice was finally served in the end. Too bad it took six and a half years and twelve thousand dollars to "win" a case that started over a $40 Craigslist printer. frown

Selling a used, black-and-white printer through Craigslist seemed simple and straightforward to Doug Costello. It wasn't. What the 66-year-old Massachusetts man didn't know then is that he would spend the next 6 آ½ years embroiled in a complicated and confusing legal dispute in Indiana over that printer, which, according to its buyer, was broken. He would find himself liable for about $30,000 in damages. He would pay a lawyer at least $12,000 in his battle to escape the legal mess. And it all started with a piece of hardware he sold online for about $40 in 2009. With shipping and other costs, the total was less than $75, according to court records.