Monday June 06, 2016

Contractors Blowing The Whistle On Comcast

A lawsuit, filed by two former Comcast installation subcontractors seeking at least $750,000 in damages, claims that contractors regularly erased negative reports and conspired with Comcast to put them out of business. If the contractors can prove these allegations to be true, this could be another expensive black eye for Comcast.

As part of that process, claim the plaintiffs, Comcast urged winning contractors to "ramp up" their operations in expectation for the work to come. One plaintiff says it purchased 20 new vehicles, trained new staff members, and invested in new warehouse space. The other plaintiff opened six offices and a dispatch center in response to Comcast’s ramp-up request. What the plaintiffs say they didn’t know is that Comcast had already begun the process of slashing its total number of regional subcontractors, from 176 to 39 between 2009 and 2012.