Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday June 05, 2016

How Android N Addresses Security

Google has managed to make the latest Android version run better and safer in three distinct ways. One is encryption oriented, while the others allow for more practical and efficient methods of updating the OS.

Seamless updates will use two separate system partitions. One of them is the system you're running as you use your phone every day. When it's time for an update, the other system partition gets altered and updated, and the next time you reboot you're automatically switched over. The next time there is an update, the other system partition gets changed and you switch back. That means things can be done while you're working or playing, and when it is finished all you need to do is reboot normally. You'd be surprised (I was when I heard it) but a pretty large chunk of people don't update their phone because it takes a while.