Sunday June 05, 2016

Axl Rose Sends DMCA Notices To Google Targeting "Fat" Photo

A meme has apparently offended the Guns N’ Roses member, who has sent out notices in an attempt to get his photos taken down.

News Image

TorrentFreak tracked down the photographer who captured this moment to see if he was aware of these takedown efforts. We eventually found Boris Minkevich at the Winnipeg Free Press where his fine work is published in all its glory. During our initial discussions a few things became clear. Firstly, Minkevich definitely took the photo. Second, Minkevich had no idea that Rose was trying to "cleanse the web" of his photo. Perhaps the first reaction here is that Rose has no right to take down Minkevich’s photo. Since Minkevich was the one who took it, he must own the copyright, right? Web Sheriff doesn’t seem to think so.