Saturday June 04, 2016

Intel CEO: Most People Only Replace A PC After 5-6 Years

Obviously, your average user doesn’t replace their system all that often, but what’s the typical cycle? This guy says it’s five to six years, which would be a one- to two-year increase from older estimates.

آ…Intel needs to ramp up its efforts and release the right innovations so people are motivated to upgrade PCs quickly and easily, Krzanich said at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference in New York. "Right now, it's easier to move your phone to a new phone than your PC to a new PC," he said. "We've got to go fix some of those things." PC upgrades have slowed because current operating systems can run well on older Intel-based PCs. Five years ago, Intel shipped Core processors code-named Sandy Bridge, and they can capably run Microsoft's Windows 10.