Saturday June 04, 2016

GTX 1080 Founders Edition Fan Issue To Be Fixed With Next Driver

Posts by ManuelGuzman at the official GeForce forums confirm that a fix for the 1080’s possessed fans is incoming. Testing on the driver began on June 1st and passed internal testing the next day.

The fan would start spinning up and down for no particular reason. It revs up from 2000 RPM to 3000 RPM no matter the temperature or software being used at that time. Those who considered returning their cards, may want to wait few more days, as NVIDIA has reportedly found the solution and the problem should will be fixed with the next driver release. NVIDIA rep confirmed that software team was able to reproduce this problem, and their fix has already passed internal testing. The next driver should be released next week, shortly before GTX 1070 becomes available (10th June).