Friday June 03, 2016

Walmart Teams Up With Uber, Lyft For Online Grocery Delivery

Ten bucks to have all your groceries delivered to my door? Hell, I'd pay twice that just so I didn't have to actually go into a Walmart. You have to wonder what Uber and Lyft drivers think about this though. How much money can they make off of $10 deliveries?

Here’s how it works for Walmart grocery customers: A customer in one of the test locations places their grocery order online and selects a delivery window. Our personal shoppers, highly-trained Walmart associates, will carefully select and prepare their order. Then, our team may request a driver from one of these services to come to the store, pick up the customer’s order, and take it directly to the customer’s location. It’s all seamless to the customer. They pay us our normal $7-10 delivery charge online, and make no payment to the driver. We’ll also let them know their order is being delivered by a driver from Uber or Lyft.