Friday June 03, 2016

Overclockers Bring Speed, Power and Heat to Computex

How far can you push a PC gaming system beyond its limits? At Computex, Asia’s premier information and communication technologies tradeshow, 30 professional overclockers are getting their game on at the OC World Tour 2016. Overclocking, for the uninitiated, is the act of adjusting a computer’s unlocked chip to increase its speed آ– and overall horsepower. All that power produces heat, which overclockers often battle with liquid nitrogen.

The four-day world tour آ– organized by HWBOT, Cybermedia and TAITRA آ– includes professionals and about 200 amateurs, all attempting to set records for extreme overclocking. Participants will be provided with the fastest processors on Earth: the Intelآ® Coreآ™ i7 Extreme Edition processor family. The participants are facing off in a series of qualifiers that began Tuesday. Their competition closes Saturday with a grand finale, with a champion emerging from the liquid nitrogen fog.