Tuesday May 31, 2016

Intel Announcens New Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition Processors

Designed for the extreme performance needs of enthusiasts, the Intelآ® Coreآ™ i7 processor Extreme Edition delivers with up to 10 cores and 20 threads, 40 PCIe* lanes, and a new Intelآ® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 to tame the most demanding workloads. When game and content creators need incredible performance, they turn to Extreme Edition. Gamers today do more than just gameplay; they’re playing in 4K, they live-stream, record, edit and upload their highlights online, and communicate in real time with their eSports team or competitors. We call this mega-tasking, when simultaneous, compute-intensive, multithreaded workloads are needed. The Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition has up to 35 percent better 3D rendering performance for vivid 4K gameplay while accomplishing other compute-intensive tasks in the background. A new era in virtual reality has also begun and achieving the premium VR experiences delivered by the leading head- mounted displays on the market requires powerful PCs for both consuming and creating VR content.

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Content creators also mega-task: They are editing, creating visual effects and composing music simultaneously. Creators also want to see the end result as they’re in the process of creating it, so with the ability to support multiple 4K displays along with the threads and performance to handle all of the simultaneous applications, Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition helps people spend more of their time creating and less time waiting. Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition opens up new levels of performance and capability enthusiasts never thought possible. Forty PCIe lanes connected directly into the CPU allow for system expansion with fast SSDs, up to four discrete GFX cards and ultra-fast Thunderboltآ™ 3.0 technology. Massive Intelآ® Smart Cache of up to 25MB and quad-channel memory improves responsiveness and decreases startup time when working with large files and applications. The new Intelآ® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 steers applications to the highest-performing core, improving single-threaded performance by up to 15 percent. The Intelآ® Coreآ™ i7-69xx/68xx processor family is also unlocked, an important feature for enthusiasts who want the extra headroom and tools to push their system to the limit.