Saturday May 28, 2016

Vivendi Begins Hostile Takeover Of Gameloft, Ubisoft Next

Vivendi, which once owned Activision Blizzard, has reportedly won over enough shareholders to take over Gameloft. If that happens, Ubisoft, with its much higher market value, is presumed to be next.

A resolution of the fight at Gameloft, maker of "Order & Chaos" and "Dungeon Hunter," would clear the way for a bigger battle over Ubisoft Entertainment, the creator of "Assassin’s Creed," also run by the Guillemots. Vivendi owns 17.7 percent of the capital and is seeking board representation there. "A first door has been unlocked with Gameloft," said Antoine Bonduelle, fund manager at Alma Capital & Associes in Paris. "The focus and the battle are now clearly on Ubisoft." As of Tuesday, Ubisoft had a market value of 3.57 billion euros, more than five times that of Gameloft.