Saturday May 28, 2016

Google Photos To Give Free Unlimited Original Quality Backup To Nexus Devices

There are already a bunch of great reasons to own a Nexus device, and now Google has given you one more. In a future update, Nexus owners will be able to upload as many photos as they want to Google Photos without quality loss.

آ…the free unlimited 'original quality' storage won't apply to just photos, but video as well. Like photos, the high quality option scales videos down too. The difference is that the cap is set at 1080p. The Nexus 6P and 5X are both capable of shooting 4K video (2160p). Once this new policy is in effect for Nexus devices, full-resolution 4k video will be free to back up. Another thing many people aren't aware of with the 'high quality' setting is photos and video uploaded through that method are processed to further reduce file size, even if they are already at or below 16 MP. The resolution isn't changed, but some extra magic is performed to cut out even more data. The results are very good, usually looking identical to the naked eye, but there's often some small adjustment to colors or clarity that will be lost in the process, and artifacts may become more visible after zooming in.