Saturday May 28, 2016

4K Xbox Scorpio Targeting 6TFLOPS, 1.5 Times Faster Than PS4K

The Xbox One is getting a slim version this year, but more exciting is what’s in store for 2017: a revision with a new GPU that will make it even more powerful than the PS4K. Remind me to not buy a launch console ever again.

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Current plans have the smaller Xbox One scheduled for release this August. Pricing for the system has not been finalized. The other console, codenamed Scorpio, is unlikely to be released until late 2017, according to Polygon's sources. It will likely be announced in the next month, though plans are somewhat in flux. Like the all-but-confirmed PS4 "Neo," Scorpio represents an evolution of console generations, one that straddles the line somewhat between an entirely new installment of the Xbox platform and a continuation of the existing Xbox One.