Thursday May 26, 2016

McDonald’s CEO: No Plans To Replace Employees With Robots Yet

I don't care what the CEO of McDonald's is saying now, he let the cat out of the bag when he said it would be cheaper to install robots than to pay workers $15 an hour. I really do think we are going to eventually end up with completely automated fast food production with a couple human employees around to make sure things are looked after. What do you think?

McDonald’s, of course, runs on a franchise model, and doesn’t actually own or operate most of its restaurants. Yet some of the company’s innovations, like the Create Your Taste burger-ordering kiosk, would replace humans, but people would still cook the burgers and even bring diners their fancier food at their tables. "Ultimately we’re in the service business," Easterbrook said. "We will always have an important human element." Easterbrook says that the company would prefer to shift humans to jobs in the dining room or interacting with customers.