Tuesday May 24, 2016

FSP Announces its "Green Power, Intelligent Building, FSP Power Never Ends" Series of Product Solutions at Computex Taipei 2016

Power supply manufacturer FSP Technology Inc. today announces new product launches ahead of COMPUTEX 2016 in Taipei. FSP will showcase the consumer-oriented EMERGY 1000/3000 and commercial ION Mate Energy Storage Systems, comprising their wide-range of eco-friendly power storage solutions, along with a variety of PV inverters. Among their consistently strong gaming lineup, FSP’s booth will also feature new enterprise and home server PSUs.

The EMERGY 1000/3000 stands to revolutionize the way consumers transport and harness power, with the potential to save thousands of watt hours off a single charge. Designed to be portable and silent, the EMERGY series are highly efficient, fanless, energy storage systems with easy-to-use retractable handles. The portable devices have dual AC/PV inputs to easily charge the high-powered 600 watts and 1.5kW inverter.

The ION MATE is FSP’s commercial solution for powergrid failures. It is a stand-alone, self-managed, all-in-one energy storage system. In keeping things "green" the ION MATE is the perfect companion for solar power management. It houses long-living lithium ion phosphate batteries and its power management is run off AC and photovoltaic chargers. DC-AC inverters streamline the conversion from battery to electricity in the home.