Monday May 23, 2016

Congress Is Really Bad At Cybersecurity

Two bipartisan lawmakers decided to do something to help out all the technically illiterate members of congress by sending an email with security tips to help them avoid falling victim to scammers. Something tells me this isn't going to help much but at least someone is trying. This would probably work better if they sent a super scammy "click here for your free subscription" email, at least that way we know they'd at least click on it. wink

The political capital is constantly facing network attacks and hacks from outside hackers and nation states -- and that's before the CIA wages its own wave of targeting intelligence committee members. Most lawmakers have never heard of PGP or even SSL, let alone used it (and most lawmakers still don't). For some, it's an endemic problem that bleeds into the political world -- which might explain why some of its cybersecurity legislation is so ill-conceived and badly thought-out.