Saturday May 21, 2016

Toshiba Releasing 8TB, Non-Shingled Performance Hard Drive

In my experience, Toshiba drives are nearly as reliable as HGST but available at a lower cost, so this is very welcome news for someone who just can’t stop ripping Blu-ray discs. These will be part of the X300 line, which means 7200RPM and 128MB cache.

Toshiba will launch the drive next month with two year standard warranty and a suggested purchase price of آ£262 (about $380, AU$530). That's not such a bad price given that Seagate's model retails for 30% less almost two years on the market. The latter though comes with a solid 3-year warranty although it is likely to have a lower performance due to a slightly slower rotational speed. The flip side is that power consumption on Seagate's drive is likely to be much lower.