Saturday May 21, 2016

It's Been 10 Years Since Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Was Announced

Can’t Valve just get someone to write a book or create a YouTube mini-series and end this cliffhanger saga?

آ…this is not confirmation of Half-Life 2: Episode 3. It's a compilation of interviews given and questions taken by Valve boss Gabe Newell in the decade since the infamous finale to the Half-Life trilogy was first announced. That happened May 24, 2006. Valve and Newell were, for a time, very happy to discuss plans for Half-Life 2: Episode 3. Ten years ago, Valve was even happy to give the game a launch window آ— "by Christmas 2007." Perhaps not coincidentally, 2008 is when Newell starts clamming up about it. The posture changes from "we're still working on it, of course," to a very strict "we have nothing to say about Half-Life."