Friday May 20, 2016

Watch-Bot Reminds Humans Of Forgotten Actions

Did you leave the milk out again? Do you always forget to put the toilet seat down? Researchers from Cornell University have developed a robot for you! Attach a taser to that thing and I guarantee you won't forget to put the milk away again. wink

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We present a robotic system that watches a human using a Kinect v2 RGB-D sensor, detects what he forgot to do while performing an activity, and if necessary reminds the person using a laser pointer to point out the related object. Our simple setup can be easily deployed on any assistive robot. Our approach is based on a learning algorithm trained in a purely unsupervised setting, which does not require any human annotations. This makes our approach scalable and applicable to variant scenarios. Our model learns the action/object co-occurrence and action temporal relations in the activity, and uses the learned rich relationships to infer the forgotten action and the related object.