Friday May 20, 2016

Thermaltake Core P5 Mid-Tower Review

The crew at NikKTech have posted a review of the Thermaltake Core P5 mid-tower today. If you are case shopping, you might want to give this review the once over. For comparison purposes, you can see our evaluation here.

News Image

When we heard rumors from our people in Thermaltake that they were designing a wall-mountable PC case I was somewhat surprised since to date only Lian-Li had designed and manufactured something similar (O series) and I can’t say that I was impressed with that (I do like large towers after all). Unfortunately although Thermaltake got the size and looks right they also decided to make the Core P5 an open-air chassis which on one hand means increased cooling capabilities (unless you have a tower with 12 fans blowing air inside like we do) but on the other it means having a ton of dust sitting on your components.