Thursday May 19, 2016

Why Would An Adult Man Play Video Games?

To be honest, I thought this guy was just trolling everyone with this article. Seriously, why would a guy even ask that question? Then I read the part where he said "sometimes when I’m playing I can hear my books making fun of me" and I knew he was actually being serious. It's worth clicking the link just to read the comments. wink

A video game is a tiny, stupid world. Even in the most sophisticated there are only about five things you can actually do, and it’s usually some mix of killing things and preparing to kill; half the time it feels like you’re staring at some twitching hybrid of a spreadsheet and a snuff film. If you play too long you end up feeling awful آ— crampy, grit-eyed, obscurely guilty. But the tiny, stupid world of a video game is suffused with meaning, and with clarity. Each one of those five stupid actions was put there, on purpose, for you to do; when you do one of them, you know you were supposed to do it آ— you’re told that you did it, you’re told if you did it right, and then you’re told to do it again.