Sunday May 15, 2016

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Final Specifications And Launch Presentation

VideoCardz has gotten their hands on slides detailing various aspects of the GTX 1080.

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آ…Pascal GP104 is split into four blocks (Graphics Processing Clusters), each GPC has 5 Streaming Multiprocessors and each SM has two blocks of 64 CUDA cores, so this gives us total of 2560 CUDA Cores. As a side note, GP100 only has one block of 64 CUDAs per SM. Interestingly the number of ROPs has not changed since GTX 980, which means GTX 980 Ti still has 32 ROPs more, and therefore GTX 1080 has 64 ROPs. The die area of GP104 GPU is 314 mm2, which is right in-between GM204 and GM206. Despite smaller GPU we have 2 billion transistors more than GM204. Also the density of transistors increased by 10 million per mm2 to almost 23 million.