Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday May 15, 2016

Chrome To Default To HTML5

While most of us are smart enough to know how to disable Flash on our own, it’s nice to see that appropriate steps are being taken to ensure its demise.

As its name suggests, the feature would set Chrome to run the HTML5 version of web pages by default. If not available, the browser would then check for Flash content and ask the user to manually approve it before loading. This would, in effect, seal off Flash content from the user unless absolutely necessary, though Chromium developers do note that they plan to exempt the top 10 domains that use Flash for one year in order to reduce impact of the blockade. "While Flash historically has been critical for rich media on the web, today in many cases HTML5 provides a more integrated media experience with faster load times and lower power consumption," the Chromium developers explain.