Thursday May 12, 2016

ADATA SP550 240GB SSD Review

The Modders Inc. gang has the ADATA SP550 240GB SSD on the test bench today. If you are looking for an affordable SSD, this just might be the drive you are looking for.

With current storage controllers having no problem saturating the SATA interface, a different kind of race emerges; one that is unusually focused towards the bottom with an eye on delivering the lowest per GB cost. The previously reviewed ADATA SX930 with its 4-channel JMicron JMF670H controller paired with 16nm Micron MLC NAND is fairly affordable already at $0.33-per-GB, but using 16nm TLC NAND with Silicon Motion’s SM2256, the price is driven even more affordable at less than $0.25-per-GB.