Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Sunday May 08, 2016

FBI Can Obtain A Warrant If You Run Tor Come December

While there are many legitimate Tor users out there, some in the government would prefer to view all of them as criminals. Thanks to CreatedTheMultiverse for the link.

آ…the US Supreme Court has approved a rule change that will shake things up like never before. By granting every federal magistrate judge the right to issue a warrant for anyone using Tor, anonymity on the Internet may become a serious offense. Moreover, if the US Congress does not undertake action to fight this ruling, it will go into effect as soon as December 2016. As a result, the FBI can then legally search computers running Tor remotely, even if they have no idea where the machine is located or what it is being used for. Simply having anonymity software installed on a computer would be reason enough for the FBI to investigate that user to "combat cyber crime."