Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday May 07, 2016

Why I Hope It’s The End For Uncharted

One of Naughty Dog’s biggest franchises is supposedly coming to an end. Sure, they could make another and continue trucking in money, but some of us would rather have things end on a high note.

Problems occur when series go on and on, driven by financial factors rather than the desire to explore new ideas. I'm not even sure this works any more - Nintendo has banked on Mario, Donkey Kong and chums as money makers for decades now, yet finds itself in financial trouble. Surely the number of people who do a white weewee at the thought of a new Zelda game must go down every year. Then there are the series that get more bloated with every outing. Ludicrous levels of violence and gore are shoved in, endless collectables and unnecessary multiplayer modes are bolted on, as if they're an adequate substitute for new ideas.