Saturday May 07, 2016

Free Comic Book Day Doesn’t Always Save The Day For Local Shops

Remember, you can stop by a comic book shop today to pick up some free swagآ—but I have indeed wondered what retailers really think about all the people rushing in to do only that and nothing more.

"It's definitely the best day of the year," says owner Michael Freedman, but he adds, "Does it actually bring in return customers? I don't know. But as far as that one day goes, it's a great day." Eric Warfield, of House of Secrets in Burbank, is a bit more blunt. "It's never like someone's brand new and they become like a longtime shopper," he says. "Very rarely. It's just the hyenas looking for free stuff." At one point, the staff got so jaded that the store آ— which, like all retailers, does have to pay Diamond Distributors for the giveaway books آ— stopped participating.