Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday May 06, 2016

NVIDIA Special Event Live On Twitch!

NVIDIA's special event is set to go live at 6pm PST on the company's Twitch channel. So clear your schedule, grab some popcorn and a refreshing beverage and keep your eyes peeled below as NVIDIA announces...

For those of you unable to watch the Twitch stream live, we have a few slides for you from the show floor that give you just idea how powerful the new GTX 1080 really is:

News Image News Image

News Image

You are reading that right, NVIDIA says the GTX 1080 is not only faster than a Titan X, they say it is faster than two GeForce GTX 980 in SLI. The clock speed of the GTX 1080 running during the demonstration was 2114Mhz with a memory clock of 5508Mhz at 67آ؛C. We'll have more info for you in a bit.