Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday May 06, 2016

Activision CEO Responds To Infinite Warfare Mass-Dislike Campaign

What do you do when everyone seems to be hating on the trailer for the next installment in the CoD franchise? Just roll with the punches like Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg did. The trailer in question has almost 9.2M views, 200k likes and an astonishing 453k dislikes. eek!

On the second part of your question related to Infinite Warfare, first of all you got to love the passion of gamers. This is an industry like no other, and a fan base like no other and we love that our fans treat this franchise like it’s their own and have such strong points of view about it. There just aren’t many entertainment franchises on Earth that can generate the kind of passion that Call of Duty can and that’s a good thing.