Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday May 04, 2016

What Facebook Really Thinks Of Journalists

This is a bizarre (but believable) story. Sure, these could all be disgruntled employees that were all fired from this Facebook project but, even if partially true, think about a Facebook controlled algorithm that determines the "primary news experience" for 600 million people every week. Pretty soon, they won't even need journalists any more. eek!

According to five former members of Facebook’s trending news teamآ—"news curators" as they’re known internallyآ—Zuckerberg & Co. take a downright dim view of the industry and its talent. In interviews with Gizmodo, these former curators described grueling work conditions, humiliating treatment, and a secretive, imperious culture in which they were treated as disposable outsiders. After doing a tour in Facebook’s news trenches, almost all of them came to believe that they were there not to work, but to serve as training modules for Facebook’s algorithm.