Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday May 03, 2016

WhatsApp Founder Slams Brazil Shut-Down

I don't know why these guys like grandstanding like this (both sides). Since the Brazilian government doesn't give a crap about you "condemning" their actions, stick to your guns and don't compromise the security of your other customers. There you have it, no need for drama. Case closed.

The co-founder and CEO of WhatsApp has spoken out against the ruling of a single Brazilian judge that blocked the app in Brazil for 100 million people for the second time in six months, saying he wouldn’t back down on keeping messages on the network encrypted. On Monday WhatsApp was made inaccessible for its roughly 100 million users in Brazil آ— around half the country’s population آ— after cellular providers blocked access for the second time this year.