Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday May 03, 2016

Move Over Wearables, Here Comes Swallowables

I guess "swallowables" is now a thing. Do these things analyze and diagnose you from the inside out? Do they take samples and send the data back to the doctors? Nope! All these "swallowables" do is keep track of when you took your medicine. Ummm, okay?

"We have a small, food-particle-sized piece of silicon, an integrated circuit, and on one side of that circuit is a film of copper, on the other side a very thin film of magnesium," explained Proteus Digital Health co-founder Dr. George Savage. "When you swallow, these minerals get wet and two dissimilar metals in aqueous contact define a battery, so you become a battery." From there, the powered pill sensor sends a signal to a patch worn on the body, which sends data via Bluetooth to a phone or tablet and on to the cloud for a doctor or caregiver.