Monday May 02, 2016

How Gaming Is Shaping The Future Of Work

Is gaming really setting the pace in the workplace? I can see how virtual and augmented reality could be great for conferences and such but what other ways do you think the gaming world has influenced the work environment?

Imagine joining a meeting that exists in virtual space آ– a conference room rendered in 3-D, complete with chairs, a table, a whiteboard, and coffee. As your colleagues join, you see their avatars enter the room and sit around the table. The meeting is an immersive simulation of an in-person meeting, created with the help of motion sensors that track physical movement or gloves equipped to capture hand movements and body language. Audio is a live feed from each participant. In this scenario, it’s difficult for team members to slip off to do their laundry, or multitask on other projects, because their attention is fully committed to the virtual environment of the meeting.