Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday April 30, 2016

Cortana Will Now Only Work With Edge And Bing On Windows 10

Want to tap into Google using Cortana? Well, now you can’t.

As Microsoft has frequently pointed out in the past, one of Cortana's key advantages is the assistant's ability to 'get to know you', providing a more personalized experience in its OS. This only really works as a result of Cortana's integration with Microsoft's apps and services, providing an "end-to-end personal search experience" that improves the more you use it. Cortana is powered by Microsoft's Bing search engine, and the company's ability to provide that personalization depends upon that integration. But Microsoft said today that that experience is being undermined by third parties replacing Bing as the search provider, and Edge as the web browser that works with Cortana.