Wednesday April 27, 2016

Amazon Liable For Kids’ In-App Purchases

The Federal Trade Commission has decided that Amazon is liable for in-app purchases made by children in games purchased on the Appstore. This one here is kind of a no-brainer, even though I think parents are ultimate responsible, Amazon kinda drug its feet at every chance on this one.

"Amazon’s argument conflates complaints with the total universe of injury," writes the judge. "However, given the design of the Appstore and procedures around in-app purchases, it is reasonable to conclude that many customers were never aware that they had made an in-app purchase." The judge was equally unmoved by Amazon’s claim that customers should have known about the in-app purchases and that they were "reasonably avoidable," noting that "it is unreasonable to expect customers to be familiar with the potential to accrue in-app purchases while using apps labeled as ‘FREE.'"