Tuesday April 26, 2016

NZXT Manta Mini-ITX Enclosure

If you have plans to build a mini-ITX system such as a LAN box, HTPC, or Steam Machine, the crew at PC Perspective recommend giving their review of the NZXT Manta mini-ITX case a look. According to the review it has very high build quality, excellent cooling capacity for mini-ITX and the fans are quiet.

News Image

The NZXT Manta is a mini-ITX enclosure that boasts better than average room for components and cooling, and is packaged in a rather unusual, rounded design. There is a reason for the Manta's somewhat bulbous appearance, and it's part of a recent trend in mini-ITX enclosure design; bigger is better. While you might think that mITX is all about fitting components into the smallest enclosure possible, there have been some recent examples of cases which expand the chassis to micro-ATX sizes (or above).